Thursday, August 7, 2014

What is this?

I am a teacher. Growing up I did not plan on becoming a teacher, had no desire to be a teacher, but here I am about to start the final year of a long classroom teaching career. Now doing something for 40 years that I did not plan on doing says that I either ended up really enjoying it or was too lazy to try something else. I'm pretty sure it is the former.

As my blog title may indicate, I have taught 40 years and have just this one, about to commence, as my last. And I want to document it. Just a little. So this is an informal diary of my thoughts, recollections and anything else I want to just throw out there.

I'll start with a list of the places I have taught, when and what subjects (memory willing).
1968-71 In Ohio

1971-72 - Virginia

1973-76 - Nashville, TN

1977-87 - Norfolk Christian High School, Norfolk, Va.

1988-present - Pine View School for the Gifted, Sarasota then Osprey, Fl.
6th grade physical science, computer exploration for 4th, 5th and 6th grades, computer programming (3 levels), AP computer science A and AB, geometry, honors physics, AP physics B, physics 2, fundamentals of robotics, and Astronomy.

A couple years I was in grad school full time (I have 2 masters degrees) and one year I worked in industry (didn't like it.)

Along the way I married a wonderful woman, adopted and raised a daughter who married a terrific guy and gave me a grand-daughter! But that is for another blog.

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