Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Worst Week in Years

I try to go through life looking on the bright side of things. But this week has really put that to the test. Last Sunday late afternoon, I started to feel a little odd so I took my temperature. It was 100.3. I had no other symptoms but just having the fever meant no school for me. Sounds great except I had to notify the school and get lessons together for my sub. Asleep that night I had a huge bout of sweats and my fever broke. Monday morning, no fever. 2 PM no fever, 7 PM fever is back. No school Tuesday. Notify the school and make more plans. I hate to make lesson plans for subs. (Later I found out the district had it's own issues on Tuesday, so it wasn't a total loss.) I go to school Wednesday but feel a little weak. Come home and sleep a lot, but no fever. Starlab is Thursday so I go in, although, since my voice is not real strong, I play a lot of music in Starlab. I like it and the kids seem to like it. Almost through the day on Thursday, I feel my mouth starting to feel funny and check it to see several canker sores inside on my tongue and side of the mouth. As I drive home I feel a bump on my lip rising, a cold sore. My wife and I had arranged a long time ago to visit a college campus this weekend and I had appointments I needed to keep, so we packed up and traveled to Daytona Beach. During this whole episode, let me say that Orajel was my friend. My fever was gone but my mouth was a mess. I nursed it as best I could and the sores are starting to fade away but it is not back to normal. My appetite this week was awful, leaving me with this one bright spot: I lost 11 pounds, in one week. This is not how I wanted to lose weight.

I sincerely hope that those are the final sick days of my teaching career. Stay tuned.

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