Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Officially Retired
I am officially retired. There, I've said it. It likely won't sink in until August when I DON'T have to report back to school. Even so, this year is different because of all the good byes. Good byes to my students, good byes to colleagues and a few to people who have become genuine friends. Perhaps the hardest was to go today, Wednesday, to the memorial service for the mother of another retiring teacher. Never an easy thing, the sorrow was palpable. But the memories shared were good. Rest in peace, Honey Salzman.

I never planned on being a teacher. In fact, I privately laughed at teacher ed courses. I am still convinced that for a high school teacher, a strong background in your subject area can overcome weakness in other areas. Even after a pretty trying first year of teaching, I decided to stay with it. Ten years later, I left education and was miserable. I missed it very much. I came back the next year and have never looked back. I have been blessed. I have had 2 great teaching experiences. one at my alma mater, Norfolk Christian High School, for ten years and the other at Pine View School for the Gifted, 27 years. I wish them both continued success in their mission to educate young people.

But I am moving on. The next chapter in my life is titled, Go See The Eclipse and Take A Kid With You. But I need help. The vast majority of people in America are clueless about this upcoming eclipse. My job for the next 2+ years is to inform and educate them about the eclipse and the benefits of viewing/experiencing it.

I am closing this blog and transitioning to, where I will post updates on celestial events and the eclipse. (And you can buy my book. It makes a great gift.) I will also use facebook to let you know where I am traveling and what is happening in the sky.

Thank you for reading this and following this adventure that was my final year in the classroom. I knew it would go by quickly and it did.

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